Thiago Garcia da Silva

I am a software team lead specialized in growing sustainable products.

In the last five years, I've lead development teams to build better products for their clients. I created a mindset to build simple, modular applications. I believe tools that make people more agile have only one purpose and non-obtrusive interfaces.

Product Bootstrap

Starting a new product based on software can be a disaster if not done right. I can help you start right from the beginning and then you can take control and continue as you'd like. In order to build it I have a few associates that help with back-end, front-end and design. I also have few tips in the texts below.
We will start with a meeting to understand better what your ideas are, your product, budget and deadline. After that we will iterate a couple of times to put together a plan and then build your MVP.

Project Leader

If you have a development team you've probably had problems with it. That is part of a working business. But if it happens more often than you'd like this could delay your strategy. I've leaded many teams, helping them use the best practices, avoid bugs and create a better and cheaper code to maintain. You can check out some of my thoughts about this below.
If you decide to work together I will do pair programming, participate in meetings and code review to help with the experience I have.

Product Design

In past years, I've helped develop and guide products from online courses to my own brewery. Designing a product is hard and sometimes we need help. I have many considerations that may benefit you, based on my past experiences.
In order to assist you, we will hold meetings and work together to analyze your current strategies, finances and software. This will allow us to find new ways to improve or expand your product.


I'm always open to chat! Send me a message to know about rates or just to talk about your problem and how can I help you.

Thank you